Stay Protected

Introducing an ancient botanical formulation for modern life.

Crafted with the knowledge of traditional remedies using premium effective botanicals.

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The Herbal Shield™ is developed as an elevated hygiene support, while relieving problems associated with mask wearing, sinus issues and skin breakouts.

Our Philosophy

To create a pure, yet potent botanical solution with the highest quality herbal oils.

After years of research in our quest to create the ultimate formula, The Herbal Shield™ is a powerful addition to your daily hygiene routine.

Sourced from nature,
powered by science

The Herbal Shield™ contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties from premium botanical extracts in an interfusion delivering the right amount every time. These powerful nano particles are natural, gentle and safe.

We formulate in small batches to ensure freshness and potency.

Herbal care, anywhere.

The nose and throat are the doorways to the lungs, and where air borne germs enter the body.

In it’s convenient bottle dispenser, The Herbal Shield™ can be used when at work, at school, in shopping centers, on transport, visiting hospitals, or any time you leave home. Apply for elevated hygiene around the nose, mouth, hands or straight onto your mask.

The heart of The Herbal Shield™ philosophy is to eliminate the need to rely on toxic chemicals or questionable products to assist in our pursuit of preventive medicine.

Take Herbal Care Anywhere