The Benefits

There are many benefits with The Herbal Shield™. It is a herbal hygiene formula, with potent plant extracts known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

The nose and throat are the doorways to the lungs, the pathway for germs and air borne pollutants to enter the body.

Wearing a mask can contribute to sinus congestion and even infections. The therapeutic herbal oils assist in providing a hygienic environment in the nasal passage, the mouth and throat.

Many people suffer from acne and breakouts from mask wearing, due the moist and warm environment where bacteria and microorganisms can thrive. The Herbal Shield™ drops on the mask may help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The Herbal Shield™ incorporates calming aromas to assist with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Simply, breath it in.

The Herbal Shield can be applied to the hands as a herbal cleanser when water or sanitizer is unavailable. The Herbal Shield is gentler on the hands and does not dry the skin.

With so many uses it is convenient to have The Herbal Shield ™with you all the time.

Keep one at home, in the office or work place, in the car, in the handbag or briefcase.

Our customers enjoy having The Herbal Shield™ when out and about knowing they can apply The Herbal Shield™ at anytime and anywhere.

The easy to use dripolator bottle allows a slow release of the few drops one needs for cleansing and hygiene of the hands, nose and around the mouth.

Breathe it in for all the benefits to help calm the mind and cleanse the nostrils and back of the throat.

Use every two to three hours when at work or shopping.  A few drops goes  a long way.