The Herbal Shield™ is a proprietary blend of premium botanical extracts, plant oils, colloidal minerals and colloid metals.

The Herbal Shield ™  is for use when at work, at school, shopping centers, out with friends, visiting people, hospitals, transport etc for added hygiene around the nose, mouth, onto the mask and the hands.

Air borne pollutants and bacteria enter the body through the nose and mouth, while breathing and via the hands when we touch our nose and mouth. Apply to the hands, nose and around the mouth , the medicinal herbal oils assist in cleanliness and hygiene in those areas.

Drop 6 to 10 drops of The Herbal Shield™ into the palm of your hand. Spread over the hand and mask the hand around your nose and mouth and breathe it in.

Every three to four hours when with people and out and about.

Yes the botanical extracts are in a diluted and  safe form which allows the potency to be gentle and refined and safe for all skin types. Just a few drops is all that is required for the efficacy.

Yes, drop a few drops on the mask whether it is a surgical mask or fabric of any kind.

Children over the age of three only.  Apply a drop to the sole of each foot. Apply a drop to the front of their clothing. Children under the age of three should not use The Herbal Shield™

There are many uses for The Herbal Shield™ The herbal oils are also known for their calming and relaxing properties, to help lift the spirits. Drop some on your pillow at night or use throughout the day to assist in calming the mind.